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Do you really need a stretch goal?

By Boyd Ober July 14, 2015

This and other words of advice for sales professionals. Rowney Jensen is the VP of Business Development at Leadership Resources, and has decades of experience in the sales industry. We recently had an opportunity to sit down with him and ask him a few questions about sales success, goal setting,...

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Success Story: Delegation & Tracking

By Boyd Ober July 8, 2015

Leadership Resources client, Nathan Stewart, ties together the concepts of goal setting, alignment, delegation, accountability, metric tracking, and balanced lifestyle with his success story: One of my personal goals through Effective Leadership Development was to eat dinner as a family more often. In the spirit of getting all family members engaged...

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Radway Repurposes

By Boyd Ober July 1, 2015

After nearly 10 years of loyal dedication to Leadership Resources and its clients, John Radway believes it now time to step back and enjoy time with Karen and their family.  Please join us in thanking John for his impactful time as part of the Leadership Resources team.  As John says,...

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What do I do when a star employee leaves the company?

By Boyd Ober June 26, 2015

It’s no secret that people are one of the most valuable assets for a growing organization. That makes employee retention a key concern for executives. After all, individual talents, skills, and time are leveraged by a company to achieve results. Spend any time online and you’ll see business outlets and...

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Emotional Intelligence Lunch & Learn – February 23

By Beth Bartek January 29, 2015

DEVELOPING YOUR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Sophisticated leaders stand out.  They think and act with the heart in mind because they attend to thousands of informational cues present before and within them.  These intuitive leaders intelligently recognize, consider, and manage emotions with effortless accuracy, and their calming confidence inspires and elevates.  The...

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A Lesson Learned from 10 Years of Leadership Development

By Boyd Ober December 18, 2014

How many of you have experienced the frustration of dealing with one or two-day workshops that provide a lot of great content but you have no idea how to apply it? Executives, how many of you have experienced the frustration of paying for that and not knowing what you got...

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Organizational Alignment Leads to Success

By Beth Bartek November 25, 2014

In today’s business world of multiple priorities, increased worker responsibility, and rapidly changing externalities, strategy has the best chance of succeeding when all parts of an organization are in alignment.  When we refer to organizational alignment, what we’re really talking about is the linking of organizational goals with the employees‘ individual goals. This requires common understanding...

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One-Off Training Does Not Create New Behaviors

By Boyd Ober October 20, 2014
leadership development omaha

At Leadership Resources, we talk a lot about behavior change. Whether clients are looking to create a more cohesive team, or polish the management skills of an emerging leader in their organization, when it comes down to it, they’re seeking behavior change. We are in the business of helping people...

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Leadership Resources Participates in One Day Without Shoes

By Boyd Ober April 19, 2014

From April 14-26 Leadership Resources is participating in collecting shoes for One Day Without Shoes. The event was created by TOMS Shoes and hosted locally by Cornhusker Bank and the Peoples City Mission. The event and shoe drive helps to raise awareness about the need for the shoes here in...

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Leadership Resources Congratulates Lincoln’s Best Places to Work

By Boyd Ober April 18, 2014

Wednesday, April 16th was a day of celebration for Lincoln’s Best Places to Work. Fifteen organizations were recognized at an awards luncheon at the Cornhusker Marriott for their success as being Lincoln’s Best Places to Work 2014. The Best Places to Work in Lincoln survey was conducted in early 2014....

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