Our Vision

Leadership Resources is the premier provider of results-oriented strategic development processes. Our clients are thrilled by their immediate successes, and they are delighted by the continuous improvement they achieve.


Our Purpose

To help individuals and organizations create patterns of higher level success, while promoting balanced lifestyles.


Our Mission

To foster a progressive business culture that proactively challenges thinking and habits through strategic alliances, comprehensive delivery, proven systems and accountability methods.

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Our Core Values


…no guesswork necessary – consistent, respectful, and straightforward.

Continuous Development

…never settle for the status quo – have a thirst for learning and growing.

We’re Better Together

…the sum of our individual efforts combined with our timely teamworkmake us ROCK!

Get $#it Done

…be purposeful – take time to dream, and when it’s time to make it rain, intentionally do the things that make it pour.

Love What We Do

…life’s too short to be miserable! Smile and help those around you smile. Be contagious.

Who We Serve

Leadership Resources is the trusted advisor of growth companies, aligning business strategy with emerging leader development and creating successful plans for individuals and organizations alike.

Who We Are

We are a leadership development company that identifies emerging leaders, aligns personal goals with corporate vision and develops leaders within organizations for future impact that drives results and increases cultural fit.
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