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January 3% Club Recap

By Boyd Ober 01/15/2011
Leadership Resources 3 percent club January 2011 meeting

Recap from January 3% Club – Your Company’s Roadmap for Success On Friday, January 14, Boyd Ober facilitated the 3% Club luncheon entitled, “Your Company’s Roadmap for Success.” To start things off, Boyd asked everyone to go around the room , stand up, and introduce themselves. It was a very...

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Congratulations, 2010 Success Award Winners

By Boyd Ober 12/19/2010
Leadership Resources Dustin Addison Award Winner The Planner 2010

Leadership Resources was pleased to present eight awards to clients at the 2010 Celebration of Success. To be eligible for an award, an individual or company must have utilized a Leadership Resources product or service in the past five years and have documented success in their personal or professional life....

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Goal Planning Workshop – Planning for Success in 2011

By Boyd Ober 12/01/2010
Leadership Resources Dan Sedor Goal Planning Workshop.

Dan Sedor led the breakout session “Goal Setting 2011” at Tuesday’s Celebration of Success. Participants were given the opportunity to brainstorm some goals for the upcoming year. Dan challenged everyone to not hold back, to follow their gut, and not to evaluate the goals just yet. They shared their ideas...

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Customer Service – "Wow" your customers in 2011

By Boyd Ober 11/30/2010
Leadership Resources Paul Rieken Customer Service

This is a re-cap of the breakout session led by Paul Rieken, at the 2010 Celebration of Success. This breakout session focused on customer service and how to “wow” your customers in 2011. We have all dealt with good and bad experiences in this area. The group was asked to...

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Leadership Insights – What Successful Leaders Have in Common

By Boyd Ober 11/24/2010
Leadership resources: Accelerate leadership program

This is a re-cap of the breakout session led by Boyd Ober, at the 2010 Celebration of Success. Who is tired of being surrounded by negative energy? Who can’t even bare to watch the evening news to avoid being bombarded by more depressing stories? The people at Leadership Resources are...

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Dan Sedor facilitates "Effective Project Meetings" for ACGA Conference

By Boyd Ober 11/22/2010

Dan Sedor was chosen to facilitate a session titled, “Effective Project Meetings – Polishing Your Skills,” for the 2010 ACGA Conference. The objectives of this session included: Review the importance of planning and executing effective meetings Cover the phases and important elements of effective meetings Discusses the role of human...

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Extreme Dreaming at November's 3% Club

By Boyd Ober 11/15/2010
Leadership development workshops.

On Friday, November 12, Boyd Ober facilitated the 3% Club luncheon on the topic of “Extreme Dreaming.” Leadership Resources was excited to host over 30 attendees at the event. The luncheon focused on the importance of dreaming big by getting out of the moment and being able to think beyond....

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Do This, Not That – Suggestions for Effective Networking

By Boyd Ober 09/13/2010

On Friday, September 10th, Leadership Resources was excited to host a roomful of clients and guests for the monthly 3% club. At this particular session, we discussed tips for effective networking, online and offline. During this session, each group came up with 3 tips to DO when networking, and 3...

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Pursuit of Success | 6:00pm Wednesdays | 1240AM KFOR

By Beth Bartek 08/09/2010

If we discovered a magic formula for success, there would be no need for self-help books or get rich quick seminars. What we HAVE discovered through the launch of our new radio show called “Pursuit of Success”, is a variety of defining factors that have contributed to others’ levels of...

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Summary – 10 Ways to Get More Done in a Day

By Boyd Ober 07/25/2010
Leadership resources: three percent club meeting

Leadership Resources facilitator Patty Marmie led the 3% Club luncheon Friday, July 9 on the topic of “10 Ways to Get More Done in a Day.” The luncheon focused on how to invest time wisely instead of wasting it on trivial tasks throughout the day. Everyone knows the cliché how-to...

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