Brian Olson Joins the Strategic Planning Team

Leadership Resources' strategic planner, Brian Olson

Over the past year, Leadership Resources has seen tremendous growth in its strategic planning services. To assist with this expansion, we have recently welcomed Brian Olson to our team of Strategic Growth Advisors. Utilizing a wide variety of strategic tools, Olson will work directly with organizations and their executive leadership teams to develop a clear vision and strategic plan.

Olson, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln alumnus, brings over 17 years of executive leadership training and business experience to Leadership Resources. Having served as the Chief Operating Officer at Pen-Link in Lincoln, Nebraska, Olson knows how to implement key practices into an organization to ensure success. Olson understands the importance of organizational alignment and is proficient at developing a strategic plan to provide clarity, direction, and focus to organizations.

About Our Custom Strategic Planning Solutions

A strategic plan is like a blueprint that outlines priorities, procedures, goals, and outcomes designed to lead an organization to both short- and long-term success. This framework only functions if members within the organization align their values and unite around a cohesive, clear vision. 

As new developments occur inside and outside the company, it’s crucial to perform routine evaluations of the current plan and adjust it if necessary. Our strategic planning offerings incorporate various tools and operating systems to give leaders the resources they need to develop and maintain a plan that works for their organization.

The need to expand our strategic planning team is a testament to the value of our services. Our clients benefit from our strategic planning solutions in several ways. With a strong focus on leadership development, we help organizations refine their vision, define their direction, achieve their goals both large and small, and identify key performance indicators that they can actively track and focus on. When leadership development is properly aligned with a company’s vision, strategic direction, business goals, and personal ambitions, growth is inevitable.

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What Else Can Leadership Resources Do for You?

If the growth we’ve seen in 2019 is any indication of what’s to come, Leadership Resources looks forward to expanding its reach in the near future, helping more organizations flourish. In addition to our strategic planning solutions, we also offer the Accelerate Leadership Program, an 18-month multilevel pathway that instructs upcoming and current leaders on ways to improve their leadership qualities both within their organization and outside the workplace. 

The program focuses on three elements of leadership development: self-leading, true leadership development, and emotional intelligence. The education, tools, and community cultivated by the Accelerate Leadership Program are invaluable to an organization looking to improve its decision-making, employee engagement and accountability, and company culture.

We’re thrilled to bring Brian Olson on board to the Strategic Planning team, and we’re eager to see what new developments and growth opportunities await us in the year to come.

At Leadership Resources, our purpose is making the impossible possible through people. We aim to do so by helping individuals develop patterns of success that will decrease stress levels and maximize productivity. Contact us here to learn more about what we do and how it can help your business succeed and grow.

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