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6 Reasons A Strategic Planning Consultant Is a Great Investment in Your Business

By Leadership Resources 12/04/2019
Leadership Resources strategic planning workshop

In any endeavor, an outside perspective goes a long way in helping us stay on course, acknowledge our bad habits and flaws, and charge ahead with purpose. A business that lacks external guidance can quickly find itself in a rut. Having access to a strategic planning consultant can help businesses overcome their shortcomings to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

At Leadership Resources, we deploy strategic planning consultants to help our clients reach and exceed their goals. Let’s go over six reasons why a strategic planning consultant is a great investment in your business.

The Beneifts of Strategic Planning Consultants

1. Clarify Your Vision 

Moving forward is challenging when you’re unsure of which direction to go or why you’re going that way to begin with. When businesses cannot clearly create or convey a cohesive vision, it will struggle to make any progress. 

Strategic planning consultants help business leaders formulate or redefine a clear vision and then work toward getting every member of the organization on the same page. Once consensus has been reached, your team can work on strategic planning, where you’ll lay out short-term and long-term goals, as well as procedures for reaching said goals.

2. Increase Employee Engagement

The people within your organization ultimately determine whether it succeeds or fails. And if your people aren’t committed, focused, or enthusiastic about their jobs or the business’s greater goals, your business will suffer. With the aid of a strategic planning consultant, your leadership staff will learn new team management methods that help unify team members around common interests and increase employee engagement as a whole.

3. Develop Leaders

A strong business relies on strong leadership. When you invest in leadership development, you’re investing in your company’s future. A strategic planning consultant provides your leadership team with guidance and access to the resources, support, and knowledge to continually develop as individuals and add value to the organization by becoming more adaptable, approachable, resilient, and team-oriented.

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4. Cultivate a Healthier Workplace

You want your business to produce results and reach its goals, but not at the cost of your people’s mental and physical health. One of the greatest advantages a strategic planning consultant brings to the table is that it helps staff members and leaders strike a balance between work and the rest of life. Managing leadership stress is essential for leaders to execute their plans with clear judgment and sound instincts. A healthier workplace means that your team will be more functional and cohesive, ready to tackle any problem together.

5. Enhance Communication

Transparency is also necessary for maintaining a healthy company culture. Investing in a strategic planning consultant will provide your business with tools and advice for establishing greater communication between all parties. An open line of communication helps keep everyone engaged and on the same page. It also empowers team members to ask questions and speak their minds without fear of reprisal. Ultimately, greater communication leads to bold new ideas that can push an organization forward, improve its operations, and establish more ways to reach its goals.

6. Perform Regular Check-ins to Stay on Course

In order to stay the course, a business requires accountability at every level. This means all staff members and leaders must regularly meet their expectations and the procedures set in motion to achieve goals are proving themselves effective. 

Strategic planning consultants perform regular check-in sessions to evaluate what is and isn’t working in your organization so necessary changes can be made. This may include quarterly and annual check-ins, or some other frequency that makes the most sense for the client. With these routine assessments, everyone in your organization will be more accountable for their roles and actions.

Every organization can benefit from business leadership coaching, and a strategic planning consultant significantly elevates standard business mentorship by focusing on every important aspect of your organization in detail. Leadership Resources is the premier strategic planning consultant in Omaha and Lincoln, NE. Our purpose is making the impossible possible through people. We aim to do so by helping individuals develop patterns of success that will decrease stress levels and maximize productivity. Contact us here to learn more about what we do and how it can help your business succeed and grow.

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Brian Olson Joins the Strategic Planning Team

By Leadership Resources 11/22/2019
Leadership Resources' strategic planner, Brian Olson

Over the past year, Leadership Resources has seen tremendous growth in its strategic planning services. To assist with this expansion, we have recently welcomed Brian Olson to our team of Strategic Growth Advisors. Utilizing a wide variety of strategic tools, Olson will work directly with organizations and their executive leadership teams to develop a clear vision and strategic plan.

Olson, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln alumnus, brings over 17 years of executive leadership training and business experience to Leadership Resources. Having served as the Chief Operating Officer at Pen-Link in Lincoln, Nebraska, Olson knows how to implement key practices into an organization to ensure success. Olson understands the importance of organizational alignment and is proficient at developing a strategic plan to provide clarity, direction, and focus to organizations.

About Our Custom Strategic Planning Solutions

A strategic plan is like a blueprint that outlines priorities, procedures, goals, and outcomes designed to lead an organization to both short- and long-term success. This framework only functions if members within the organization align their values and unite around a cohesive, clear vision. 

As new developments occur inside and outside the company, it’s crucial to perform routine evaluations of the current plan and adjust it if necessary. Our strategic planning offerings incorporate various tools and operating systems to give leaders the resources they need to develop and maintain a plan that works for their organization.

The need to expand our strategic planning team is a testament to the value of our services. Our clients benefit from our strategic planning solutions in several ways. With a strong focus on leadership development, we help organizations refine their vision, define their direction, achieve their goals both large and small, and identify key performance indicators that they can actively track and focus on. When leadership development is properly aligned with a company’s vision, strategic direction, business goals, and personal ambitions, growth is inevitable.

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What Else Can Leadership Resources Do for You?

If the growth we’ve seen in 2019 is any indication of what’s to come, Leadership Resources looks forward to expanding its reach in the near future, helping more organizations flourish. In addition to our strategic planning solutions, we also offer the Accelerate Leadership Program, an 18-month multilevel pathway that instructs upcoming and current leaders on ways to improve their leadership qualities both within their organization and outside the workplace. 

The program focuses on three elements of leadership development: self-leading, true leadership development, and emotional intelligence. The education, tools, and community cultivated by the Accelerate Leadership Program are invaluable to an organization looking to improve its decision-making, employee engagement and accountability, and company culture.

We’re thrilled to bring Brian Olson on board to the Strategic Planning team, and we’re eager to see what new developments and growth opportunities await us in the year to come.

At Leadership Resources, our purpose is making the impossible possible through people. We aim to do so by helping individuals develop patterns of success that will decrease stress levels and maximize productivity. Contact us here to learn more about what we do and how it can help your business succeed and grow.

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What Makes an EOS Implementer™ an Expert?

By Leadership Resources 11/20/2019
Group of busineswomen EOS Implementers

Strategic planning provides a solid investment in improving profit, boosting revenue growth, and discovering new levels of productivity for your company. But, it can be daunting and companies are often challenged to plan the strategy for the business on their own, not to mention to successfully cascade that strategy to all employees.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)® lightens this load by outlining Six Key Components™ that all businesses must focus on: Vision, People, Data, Process, Issues, and Traction®. 

What to Know About EOS Implementers

Is EOS Something You can Implement Yourself?

On the surface, facilitating your own strategic planning or EOS process sounds simple. The reality is that it is challenging to participate and lead your own sessions without unintentionally flexing your power and authority. If you want your team’s honest insights, buy-in, and commitment to acting upon the vision for your organization, consider an outside expert like Leadership Resources.

Worldwide, there are consultants that have gone through EOS® training to help business leaders implement the operating system within their organizations. These professionals are known as EOS Implementers™.

Businesses around the world rely on EOS Implementers to help them achieve both their long-term and short-term goals, improve company culture, and create a sustainable operating system for their businesses. But what exactly do these specialists bring to the table? Let’s go over what it takes to become an EOS Implementer, as well as a Certified EOS Implementer.

What Is The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)? Download this whitepaper.

The Extensive Training of an EOS Implementer™

The EOS Implementer program is designed for those who are passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals by enhancing their operational models and strategic planning processes. EOS provides the tools, resources, and training to transform individuals into EOS implementers. 

Certified EOS Implementers have completed that training, but are also required to remain active in the community through their participation in ongoing training and by achieving extensive requirements for the number of sessions implemented each year.

These qualified implementers must have experience implementing every type of session in the EOS Process™ with at least 10 clients, conduct a minimum of 48 sessions per year, achieve an average session rating of 8.75 or higher, and remain an active member of the EOS community, displaying a willingness to collaborate. Not only that, Certified EOS Implementers must also renew their certification annually.

At Leadership Resources, our team of EOS Implementers is led by a highly respected Certified EOS Implementer. This ensures that no matter which of our implementers is serving your needs, you will receive the highest level of service and experience in the market.

What are the Benefits of Utilizing an Implementer?

There is value in having an outside party help guide your team through the ideation, prioritization, and decision making required in these sessions. These sessions can often be intense and emotional, and it is difficult for an internal person to serve as an unbiased facilitator, while also participating in the planning process. 

An effective facilitator will invest 200-300 hours per year in planning, preparing, and leading your strategic planning or EOS process. With one of your top executives in that role, that’s time they won’t spend on the business of achieving company objectives. What is their time worth?

Leading your own planning sessions often fails to achieve its goals because your internal facilitator has divided loyalties and divided time. Instead, use an outside expert in strategic planning or the EOS process, allowing you to wholly focus and participate in the process of setting the vision and plan for your company.

If you’re looking for a holistic approach to strategic planning and growth for your business, an EOS Implementer has the training and experience to help you succeed. Leadership Resources is the premier EOS provider in Omaha, NE and Lincoln, NE. Our purpose is making the impossible possible through people. We aim to do so by helping individuals develop patterns of success that will decrease stress levels and maximize productivity. Contact us here to learn more about what we do and how it can help your business succeed and grow.

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