Leadership Training Companies: What to Look For

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How do you select the right leadership training program? There are many leadership training companies to choose from, so making the right choice is challenging.

To inform the process, it helps to develop a set of criteria that allows you to judge which program and company will be the right fit for your organization. Here are the most important factors to keep in mind when looking at leadership training companies for your organization:

  1. A Strong Methodology and Operating System
  2. The Right Mindset for Modern Leadership Training
  3. Emotional Intelligence Skill-Building
  4. Strategic Planning for the Future
  5. Choosing the Right Leadership Training Courses

A Strong Methodology and Operating System

First, consider what kind of framework and operating system a company uses to conduct its leadership training courses. It should use a reliable and proven approach to educating your emerging leaders and providing the support they need.

Strong programs include a full range of business coaching services that round out the experience and offer ongoing guidance during challenging times. This helps new leaders feel that they have someone to turn to as they make the difficult decisions it takes to be a great leader.

Customization is crucial. Leadership development research has found that customized programs are much more successful than one-size-fits-all programs.

For example, a Harvard Business Review study found that the most successful programs are tailored, democratic, and contextualized. Before hiring a potential leadership development company, evaluate its ability to support your organization with customized coaching.

The Right Mindset for Modern Leadership Training

The best leadership training companies and their programs operate from the basic idea that leadership is a learned behavior, not an inborn trait. This means the program’s focus isn’t just on finding great leaders but on developing great leaders.

Effective leadership development comes from a place of support and guidance, nourishing emerging leaders and helping them believe in themselves. This involves developing a growth mindset, which means someone can embrace change rather than viewing it with fear and suspicion.

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Research supports the positive effects of having a growth mindset. In a study of more than 70 countries, a growth-focused mindset was associated with a stronger sense of personal well-being and a desire to persevere through difficult circumstances. These can be highly valuable traits to have in leaders at a busy, growing company.

Emotional Intelligence Skill-Building

Consider what method of skill-building the company uses to help people make progress in their leadership journeys. Do they use emotional intelligence training to build interpersonal skills?

Emotional intelligence has been studied for decades and is one of the factors most closely correlated with business success. Recently, some of the world’s most respected psychologists at Frontiers in Psychology found the following results in a 20-year retrospective of numerous emotional intelligence studies:

Specifically, leaders or groups with high EI create an emotional atmosphere that enables members to perceive the information expected by an organization and generate corresponding emotions or motivations. For example, an open and cooperative atmosphere promotes the emergence and proliferation of new ideas. Under these circumstances, emotional contagion among members will be of help to improve team performance and enhance team creativity. In addition, teams and leaders with high EI are good at coordinating intra-team conflicts, reducing spread of adverse emotions, and keeping task conflicts within a favorable threshold.

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders White paper - Download

Strategic Planning for the Future

Consider whether a leadership development company is capable of providing enough support to assist your organization as it plans for the future. Strategic planning, including succession planning, is a key aspect of leadership development that helps your company create a stable and successful leadership team.

Does the company provide services regarding talent retention and development? This is another key aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. The best leadership strategies start from the moment you begin hiring and onboarding new employees, welcoming them into the culture.

Experts say the best way to make a meaningful and positive impact on your organization is with a full-scale leadership development program that involves long-term coaching. It’s much more effective than a one-day leadership training seminar that leaves people needing extra support.

Choosing the Right Leadership Training Courses

Leadership Resources helps growing companies identify emerging leaders, then provides the support they need to reach the next level of success. We use individualized coaching that inspires people to achieve great things. This is the secret to building strong teams and maintaining long-term company productivity.

We also offer online leadership training that allows everyone at your organization to reap the benefits of leadership development, regardless of timing or location. A virtual leadership program is an excellent choice for any organization that has remote workers or complex schedules that make in-person meetings challenging.

Discover why the Accelerate Leadership Program is one of the industry’s most effective methods of moving people forward in their leadership journeys. The ALP program is the top choice among companies that want to grow quickly and sustainably through strong leadership. To learn more, download our brochure.

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