Leadership Development Services: How to Know What You Need

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Adding leadership development services to your organization can be a big game changer for your management team and beyond. But identifying what kind of training and development your organization needs can be challenging. What does your organization need from its leadership development program? Before engaging with a leadership development company, it’s essential to answer this question.

Imagine a successful future where your company is growing and adapting skillfully with the help of leadership development experts. To reach this point, determine what kind of leadership development services would be optimal for your progress.

Clear Structure For Success

Your organization deserves a strong, well-structured leadership development program. The best programs use a proven operating system and methodology that has led to success in the past for numerous other organizations.

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Look for a service that offers business coaching focusing on learning new skills and incorporating them into your company’s daily work. The program should also provide a framework for accountability that places responsibility on each individual to contribute to positive forward momentum.

Does your company have big changes ahead? Are you trying to accomplish major strategic goals? If so, there could be some hard conversations ahead. You’ll need a leadership development company that builds skills like diplomacy, problem-solving, and building camaraderie even under challenging circumstances. 

A program will be most successful if it is adaptable enough to be tailored and individualized to your company. If your teams need virtual leadership training, the leadership development partner should provide remote coaching and support. Or, if your company prefers in-person leadership training, there should be enough flexibility to meet your people whenever and wherever will be most productive.

The Right Mindset for Growth

If growth is a priority at your company, your leadership development partner should make it a priority, too. Can they help you cultivate a growth mindset? A growth mindset looks for personal and professional opportunities in every new change.

This stands in contrast to a fixed mindset, which approaches new challenges with fear and negativity. Companies with overwhelmingly negative cultures need leadership development services with extensive experience helping businesses overcome roadblocks to positive cultures.

Organizational growth goes hand in hand with emotional intelligence, which is about having a high level of openness and flexibility in thinking and interpersonal interactions. A person’s emotional intelligence is something they can improve over time while learning and implementing new ways of thinking. 

Emotional intelligence is a skill you can build with the help of the right leadership development coach. Before signing on the dotted line with any new leadership development company, ask how they incorporate emotional and interpersonal skill-building into their programming.

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Personalized, Hands-On Leadership Development

A three-year study by the Harvard Business Review found that the best leadership development programs of the future will have a high level of hands-on learning. The study found that when it comes to leadership learning in professional settings, 70% occurs through on-the-job experience, 20% happens through feedback, and 10% takes place during structured, formal training.

The HBR researchers also found that hands-on learning was particularly important in the era of remote work. The researchers incorporated information from a recent Berkeley Haas School of Business study showing that workers are suffering from reduced managerial support in the shift to virtual working.

To be most effective then, your program should incorporate some level of hands-on learning experiences plus case studies, educational roleplaying, leadership-building activities, and group sessions. There should also be quiet, introspective time for people to reflect and consider what they’ve learned.

Individual reflection is an essential part of the process because it sets the stage for personal growth. When your people have the support and resources they need to examine and refine their behavior over time, they’re more capable of making productive transitions at crucial turning points in their professional lives.

This is why the experts at Leadership Resources say the best way to make a meaningful and positive impact on your organization is with fully-engaged leadership development services including long-term business coaching. This is a much more effective approach than a basic one-day leadership training seminar.

Leadership Development Services and Resources for Your Organization

Leadership Resources offers numerous free resources to help companies understand what they need to accomplish when exploring new leadership development options. If your organization wants to improve its leadership base but isn’t yet sure exactly what’s needed from leadership development services, the links below will help you get started.

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At Leadership Resources, we help organizations provide the leadership support professionals need to reach the next level of success. The Accelerate Leadership Program helps companies build strong leadership development programs and nurture emerging leaders along their paths to success. To learn more, download our brochure.

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