How to Know If You’re Ready for a Business Growth Coach

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Considering a business growth coach? Successful professionals often believe they don’t need business coaches. They think, “Why would someone need coaching if nothing is wrong?”

But coaching isn’t just about reviewing the wrong plays. It looks at making more of the right plays too. Leadership development coaching shows how a person or team could become even more outstanding with the right techniques.

Could your team be hitting more goals? Converting more customers? Accomplishing your company’s biggest, most challenging missions? Absolutely.

4 Signs that You Need a Business Growth Coach

  1. Your company needs more/better leaders 
  2. You have (or want) a growth mindset
  3. Your team has low EQ
  4. You want high ROI

Every superstar team needs a superstar coach. Here’s how to know if your company should hire a leadership coach to reach its next level of success.

Your Company Needs More/Better Leaders

Perhaps the most common reason to hire a business growth coach is that a company needs to identify and develop leaders within its ranks. Even in companies that employ plenty of talented people, it can be challenging to decide who’s the best fit for formally stepping into a leadership role.

This is especially true when companies are experiencing periods of change and adaptation. When something happens to shake things up, like a merger, acquisition, expansion, or change in the company’s focus, you need to rely on talented leaders who can keep everyone on track.

Hiring a leadership coach helps locate and promote new leaders while maintaining a healthy culture as your company changes over time. A skilled leadership coach assists teams as they address interpersonal conflicts and communication barriers that would otherwise interfere with positive progress.

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You Have (or Want) a Growth Mindset

Why hire a leadership coach? Because you’re ready to grow! Personal and professional growth is much easier when you have the right support.

At Leadership Resources, our coaches work with companies that are excited to be experiencing periods of growth but don’t know how to manage it effectively. Sometimes a team’s mindset is the biggest limiter to success.

Your company’s coach can help everyone explore the differences between having a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. While a growth mindset views new circumstances as opportunities to succeed, a fixed mindset wants things to stay the same and operates out of fear.

Individually, and as an enterprise, you can move past your fears with a coach’s help. As the famous entrepreneur and business leader Dale Carnegie said, “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

Your Team Has Low EQ

Take a moment to think about your company’s emotional intelligence (EQ). In the workplace, EQ is just as important as your intelligence quotient (IQ) because it shows you how well you work with others to accomplish daunting tasks.

A 40-year UC Berkeley emotional intelligence study found that EQ was nearly 4 times more accurate than IQ at predicting success. High-EQ people and teams are open to learning about overcoming conflicts, seeking creative solutions, and making nimble adjustments that open up fresh opportunities. A business growth coach can help improve your team’s emotional intelligence.

EQ development occurs when a business coach helps people look inside themselves and acknowledge areas for improvement. Your leadership coach can help you build your people skills and pursue an adaptive leadership style that’s highly correlated with accomplishing challenging goals.

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You Want High ROI

If you’re someone who thinks like an accountant, here’s some great news. The numbers support your company’s desire to hire a leadership coach.

According to the International Society for Performance Improvement, business leadership coaching can bring a 221% return on investment (ROI). For the most comprehensive and long-lasting results, experts recommend engaging with comprehensive leadership coaching programs as opposed to ordinary training sessions

Leadership Resources has a staff of seasoned business coaching consultants with the experience to help companies pursue leadership coaching for results. Our programs are focused on success metrics, and our coaches can help you understand why, when, and how your company should adjust its approach to reach the next level of success.

How to Hire a Leadership Coach

Support your staff and inspire a new generation of leaders by providing the resources they need to build their confidence and experience with leadership. Leadership Resources provides robust, collaborative leadership development coaching individualized to each company and participant. 

When you’re ready for business coaching with Leadership Resources, reach out to us to be matched with a business coach who’s the right fit for your business. Learn more about how a business coach can help your company thrive by downloading this whitepaper.

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