Extreme Dreaming at November's 3% Club

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On Friday, November 12, Boyd Ober facilitated the 3% Club luncheon on the topic of “Extreme Dreaming.” Leadership Resources was excited to host over 30 attendees at the event. The luncheon focused on the importance of dreaming big by getting out of the moment and being able to think beyond. The topic was inspired by the Orlando Magic’s Pat Williams’ book, Extreme Dreams.

How many people dream?

Everyone does! The group was asked to close their eyes and think about their own life as it was today. They proceeded by writing down all the words that came to mind. Next, everyone was asked to close their eyes and think about what describes their life in 30 years. Again, they wrote down those things that came to mind. Not surprisingly, most people’s description of their life today and their life 30 years down the road were not the same. Today, many people said they were busy, stressed and tired. But in 30 years, a majority of people dreamed of being relaxed, happy and successful.

The group narrowed it down even further and filled out 10-year projection worksheets. They brainstormed more specifically about how their occupation, personal responsibilities and family life might look in 10 years.

Unlock The Leadership Potential Within Your Organization. Download this whitepaper.The discussion continued with the importance of planning when it comes to extreme dreaming. When you plan, you take the dream and break it down. Not only is it important to have a vision, but you also need a mission. How are you going to do it? Additionally, we all need resources, positioning, investments and some form of accountability. Know your dream–then chase your dream. The quality of your process will lead to the productivity of your outcome.

“By continuing to come to these meetings and taking LR classes, it helps to reinforce what you know you are supposed to be doing but helps you stay on track,” said Paul Vachal, VP Sales at Reliant Studios. “If you don’t set the plan of where you want to be five or ten years down the road, you’ll end up just staying where you are.”

“I am starting up a new company and strongly believe in the power of coaching, so I am exploring what Leadership Resources has to offer,” said Bryan Carlson, owner of Signia Marketing.

10 Year Projection – Download Available

For more information on upcoming 3% Club dates and how to signup, visit the news and events section of our website or fill out the form on the contact us page.

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