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Boyd Ober World Motivator of the Year

By Leadership Resources 07/20/2015

Boyd Oberleadership development omaha, President and CEO of Leadership Resources was recognized as the 2014 World Motivator of the Year by Leadership Management, Inc., (LMI). LMI has 141 Licensees in the United States and nearly 1,000 licensees in 70 countries. “The award is presented to the LMI Licensee who best exemplifies the LMI concept and has distinguished himself through outstanding service to clients, sales associates and other LMI Licensees.” Randy Slechta, CEO and President LMI.

Boyd Ober’s desire to help others achieve success inspired him to found Leadership Resources in 2003 and continues to fuel his passion today.  “The World Motivator of the Year Award is both exciting and humbling.  These awards only happen as a result of being blessed with a tremendously talented team, a group of remarkable clients, great mentors and an extremely supportive family.” Boyd Ober, President and CEO of Leadership Resources.

As President and CEO of Leadership Resources, Boyd Ober offers clients a unique perspective from a number of experiences, ranging from business ownership to roles in government and corporate settings. Gifted in helping leaders establish vision for themselves as well as their organizations, Boyd combines poignant questions with active listening to help clients clarify strategy, adjust behavior, and make a difference in the world around them. An avid advocate of the success chain, Boyd is deeply devoted to his clients and employees, bringing passion, humor, and extensive knowledge to the development process.

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Ober is an avid supporter of the local community in both Omaha and Lincoln and has established Leadership Resources as an active member of each city’s Chamber of Commerce. Personally, he donates his time to a number of local organizations including Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools Board, Tabitha Inc. Board, Lincoln Independent Business Association, and the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development. Graduating with a master’s degree in economics from South Dakota State University, Boyd believes in actively learning and developing daily by putting himself in scenarios with other business leaders to bring best practices and experience to the Leadership Resources team and clients.  He and Megan, his wife of over 25 years, have three children: Matt, Maddie, and Alex. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, golfing, coffee conversations, and helping with church activities.

Ober was presented with the 2014 World Motivator of the Year Award at the 2015 Annual World Convention of Leadership Management, Inc., (LMI) in San Antonio, Texas.  LMI franchisees and sales associates from throughout the world were in attendance. Convention highlights included presentations by Leadership Management, Inc.’s CEO & President Randy Slectha, plus many top award winners from around the world.

Leadership Management, Inc., headquartered in Waco, Texas is one of the world’s largest producers of executive, management and leadership development programs.  Founded in 1966 by Paul J. Meyer, its products are marketed in more than 70 countries in 23 languages.

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Emotional Intelligence Lunch & Learn – February 23

By Leadership Resources 01/29/2015


Sophisticated leaders stand out.  They think and act with the heart in mind because they attend to thousands of informational cues present before and within them.  These intuitive leaders intelligently recognize, consider, and manage emotions with effortless accuracy, and their calming confidence inspires and elevates.  The emotional maturity they have achieved enables them to enjoy healthy and satisfying personal and professional relationships. But how does a busy leader develop high EQ?

Come lunch with us and learn.

Unlock The Leadership Potential Within Your Organization. Download this whitepaper.What: “Leading with the Heart in Mind” Presented by Dr. Joy Martin

When: Monday, February 23, 11:45 A.M. to 1:00 P.M

Where: C & A Industries, 13609 California St., Omaha NE

RSVP: Cindy Wofford, 402-250-8901, Cindy.Wofford@LRsuccess.com


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Organizational Alignment Leads to Success

By Leadership Resources 11/25/2014

In today’s business world of multiple priorities, increased worker responsibility, and rapidly changing externalities, strategy has the best chance of succeeding when all parts of an organization are in alignment.  When we refer to organizational alignment, what we’re really talking about is the linking of organizational goals with the employees‘ individual goals. This requires common understanding of purposes and goals of the organization, and consistency between objectives and plans.

Owners, executives, and key leaders set the tone in culture and expectations.  If these expectations are communicated and supported by the daily activity of the team, progress will be made.  Conversely, if the entire team is not on board and working toward those expectations, it’s unlikely that they will be achieved. Whether it’s an individual or an entire department that is headed in a different direction, the entire company is pulled off course.

One of our clients shared the following perspective with us on how systematically using our leadership development processes has helped them achieve organizational alignment:

Our relationship with Leadership Resources has helped establish a systematic way of communicating, managing and goal setting. Although we had excellent teamwork prior to working with Leadership Resources, it has undoubtedly added value by taking us to the next level as we live out our model of doing life together.  We are seeing solutions being created that are driving more revenue to the bottom-line as our supervisors are speaking the same language as they work together on cross departmental projects.  We are committed to the success of our employees and clients.   We believe Leadership Resources is a key contributor to helping us attain our vision. 

Unlock The Leadership Potential Within Your Organization. Download this whitepaper.In the above success story, the president and top-level executives had a clear vision identified.  We worked with their department supervisors to identify department and individual goals to support the vision.  As we worked with them to create accountability and consistency, they began to see positive results throughout the organization.

Leadership Resources offers the following tips to keep your organization in alignment:

  1. Create culture of alignment by developing organizational statements, such as mission, purpose, vision, values, that are exhibited on a daily basis by leaders and employees alike. These must be authentic and reviewed on a regular basis to be effective. Check out our organizational statements.
  2. Set long-term strategic objectives. Executives and key leaders should set a plan for where the organization is headed in three years, five years, even ten years. Once you know where you want to go, you can begin to create a path to get there.
  3. Set short-term objectives that support your strategic objectives. Work with individuals and departments to set goals for forward progress. With input from key leaders, staff can identify and use their high payoff activities to maximum benefit of the organization.
  4. Hold regular meetings for accountability and adjustment. Check on the status of short and long-term objectives. Communicate issues. Make adjustments.  Make sure you’re moving forward and keep the team going in the same direction.

Organizational alignment creates synergy and motivation which propels an organization forward and creates success. For more insight on organizational alignment, watch this short video to see what Leadership Resources President and CEO, Boyd Ober has to say.

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Pursuit of Success | 6:00pm Wednesdays | 1240AM KFOR

By Leadership Resources 08/09/2010

If we discovered a magic formula for success, there would be no need for self-help books or get rich quick seminars.

What we HAVE discovered through the launch of our new radio show called “Pursuit of Success”, is a variety of defining factors that have contributed to others’ levels of success.

On a weekly basis, we’re sitting down with regional entrepreneurs, business and community leaders, interviewing them and talking with them to share key ideas of success, designed to help you become more successful while making an impact in your company and community. Hosted by Boyd Ober, President of Leadership Resources, and John Oestreich, the show airs at 6:00 pm Wednesdays on 1240 AM KFOR. This show will provide you with ideas on how to motivate your team, track progress, lead courageously, and capitalize on key opportunities.

Unlock The Leadership Potential Within Your Organization. Download this whitepaper.Can’t listen on Wednesday evenings? Download the podcasts or listen anytime at www.ThePursuitOfSuccess.com. Past guests include:

  • Nick Bock, CEO of Five Nines Technology Group
  • Jay Wilkinson, CEO of Firespring
  • Steve Hilton, General Manager of Lincoln Embassy Suites
  • Aaron Davis, President of Aaron Davis Presentations
  • Mike Murman, Chairman and Founder of Pen-Link Ltd. and
  • Glacial Till Vineyard and Winery
  • Sara Boatman, Ph.D. Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Paul Arhendt, entrepreneur and Owner of Total Tool
  • Joe Hampton, leader of Hampton Enterprises
  • Hank Orme, President of Lincoln Industries
  • Lyn Wineman, WIneman Communications

Visit the Pursuit of Success website and listen to podcasts and learn about these leaders and their journey of success!

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