Summary – 10 Ways to Get More Done in a Day

Leadership resources: three percent club meeting

Leadership Resources facilitator Patty Marmie led the 3% Club luncheon Friday, July 9 on the topic of “10 Ways to Get More Done in a Day.” The luncheon focused on how to invest time wisely instead of wasting it on trivial tasks throughout the day.

Everyone knows the cliché how-to tips on learning to manage time. Time management skills are preached in every industry and type of business, yet the phrase is actually impossible to carry out. No one can physically manage time, because there are always going to be only 24 hours in a day. Stop looking at your schedule from this perspective and you will take ownership of your own time.

Unlock The Leadership Potential Within Your Organization. Download this whitepaper.A more effective way to frame the issue is to think of it as investing in your own time. When you make a personal investment with the tasks you have before you, you’ll be more productive and…to read the full story, download the article below.

July 3% Club: 10 Ways to Get More Done in a Day

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