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Businesses wanting to establish a powerful vision and construct a path to success partner with us for Strategic Planning services.
For over 15 years, we have helped hundreds of companies:

  • Refine their vision
  • Define direction
  • Establish SMART goals
  • Identify key performance indicators; and
  • Create action plans that lead to success

A Unique Process Creates Success

With the application of our processes, building effective strategy becomes a matter of habit rather than the product of random, isolated events. We train leaders to behave in ways that parallel the culture and strategies they intentionally set and clearly communicate to their teams.

During many of our engagements, the proven process called the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (commonly referred to as “Traction”) helps leaders establish strategic growth plans and align with leadership intentions.

Unlike so many other strategic planning firms, we know the health of any organization is inextricably linked to its strategic plan and an organization’s effort to achieve that plan. A healthy culture is one that promotes focus, discipline and accountability. Our Strategic Planning Consultants help companies create and implement strategies that epitomize these values.

A Strategic Planning Firm Willing To Customize

No two organizations are exactly alike and sometimes specific challenges require specific solutions. Clients enjoy Leadership Resources’ customized services that are designed to meet the needs of companies seeking individualized, strategic planning solutions.

A customized approach fits the unique and specific needs of your organization by identifying the common goals of your employees, stakeholders, board members, owners and other key players. Our Strategic Planning Consultants provide services matching your timeframe, tied to your desired outcomes with the intention of generating powerful forward momentum.

Proprietary Technology That Encourages Goal Attainment

Leadership Resources is the only strategic planning firm to also offer its clients a proprietary accountability and SMART goals app, called Accelerate.

Strategic Planning Consultants Serving Lincoln & Omaha, Nebraska and Beyond

When it comes to strategic planning services, being present and in person is key. While our offices are located in Lincoln, NE and Omaha, NE, our Strategic Planning Consultants serve clients across the country.

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