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This is a re-cap of the breakout session led by Boyd Ober, at the 2010 Celebration of Success.

Who is tired of being surrounded by negative energy? Who can’t even bare to watch the evening news to avoid being bombarded by more depressing stories? The people at Leadership Resources are ready to focus on the good things in life right with you. In doing so, President Boyd Ober shared with our group how changing our attitude changes our success and leadership potential.

The session started with two questions:

  • What is leadership?
  • What is success?

The room became buzzing with different answers and meanings for each individual with some great answers being presented. A leader was seen as a person that creates vision, someone others follow, an individual who influences others to reach goals and a process, action and role.

After some group thought, the same examples that were listed was turned onto each attendee leading to new set of questions to see themselves in a leadership role:

  • What am I creating that others will believe in?
  • What have I done to demonstrate that I am someone who believes in others?
  • What is my “extreme dream”?

Unlock The Leadership Potential Within Your Organization. Download this whitepaper.Directly correlating with leadership, the key to success was a hot topic among the group. The definition of success varied for each attendee with a common goal; a feeling of setting and achieving goals. There are over 20,000 individual success moment for a person each day starting with the moment you wake up.

How does one reach such a high number? The key is a change in attitude and habit of thought. If you don’t like the results you are getting, change your culture, habit of thought or attitude. Each morning, start you day with two questions:

  1. How can I impact my priorities?
  2. How can I impact my attitude?

Soon you will be reaching or exceeding 20,000 successes a day. Each victory, whether it is minor or major, will directly impact your overall behavior, attitude, habit of thought, actions and results you achieve.

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