Entrepreneurial Operating System® Alternatives to Consider

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The backbone of any strong organization is its operating system. Many company leaders are familiar with EOS® or Entrepreneurial Operating System®, a popular choice for structuring strategic operations. However, you have a choice of alternatives to the Entrepreneurial Operating System® that might be a better fit for your organization. 

What is an operating system and what should it be doing for your company?

At the most basic level, your company operating system (OS) should be helping you organize and conduct daily business. It should encompass the platform, methodology, strategy, and set of tools you use to support and nourish growth. Today, most operating systems involve digital platforms plus teams of people using strategic decision-making to move toward success.

The best and most robust operating systems include proven methodologies and flexible tools that support people as they work to improve company operational excellence. A best-in-class OS is also individualized and optimized for your business.

Why You Should Consider Alternatives to EOS®

To ensure your company is running at an optimized clip, it is worth it to audit your current OS and review other choices. There are a handful of alternatives to EOS that are worth considering. Here are the top three.

Top EOS Alternatives

EOS® Worldwide

Founded in 2008, EOS Worldwide is the company behind the Entrepreneurial Operating System. EOS helped to establish a common language for using an OS at companies that previously struggled to maintain operational control. The drawbacks of going with this option are:

PINNACLE© Business Guides

Founded in 2020, PINNACLE© Business Guides (PBG) is a network of former business owners and leaders who offer their own experience and expertise to coach their clients and achieve success. Each system is purposefully designed for each client, bringing together various operating systems and tools that address exact, individualized business needs. Pinnacle Business Guides work with companies of all sizes nationwide.

Accelerate Operating System (AOS)

Established in 2021, the innovative Accelerate Operating System (AOS) is a custom-designed, open-architecture system that can help you optimize how you currently operate and make greater improvements, creating a more effective operating system for your company’s future. 

Developed by Leadership Resources, AOS is a simplified approach to strategic planning that combines powerful planning tools with executive consulting and coaching to get everyone on a team aligned and working toward shared goals. 

The user-friendly AOS puts people at the heart of its structure, guiding you along its growth path without abandoning you during the process. Organizations are enabled with customized tools and individualized processes through proprietary strategic coaching programs tailor-made just for you.

With AOS, challenging business tasks like strategic planning and performance management are much easier to handle. Company leaders feel more empowered to make decisions confidently because they can rely on a proven set of tools, steps, and habits that promote thoughtful and proactive leadership. 

How the Leadership Resources Approach is Different

When developed and refined through AOS, your refreshed operating system establishes clarity in every facet of your company.

  • Organizations that experience the AOS process see an average of 20% growth year over year. 
  • The approach is experience-driven, centered on flexibility to meet your team where they are.
  • The AOS open architecture structure finds the best tools to fit your needs.
  • You get access to Accelerate – Leadership Resources’ proprietary goal-setting platform for KPIs and accountability.
  • You get access to Engage, communication software for executive team alignment.
  • AOS works for start-up companies with a smaller leadership team to enterprise organizations with multiple divisions and thousands of employees. 
  • With over 20 experts on hand at Leadership Resources, you acquire a highly credentialed and skilled partner to accelerate growth.
  • In business for 20 years, Leadership Resources has worked with hundreds of companies in numerous industries. There is no business challenge we have never encountered.
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How Does Having an OS Help Growth and Development?

A reliable OS fosters growth and development in leadership within company teams. It helps you accomplish some of the biggest and most challenging tasks, like:

  • Creating a shared vision
  • Setting priorities for individual and team achievements
  • Establishing SMART, FAST goals
  • Using key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve operational excellence
  • Thinking strategically to supercharge profitability

Ideally, your OS should have the full support of a strategic coaching consultant who helps guide the process toward success. Top-notch educational materials should be available to support implementation. For example, Leadership Resources partners with Pinnacle Business Guides to provide world-class AOS-integrated tools and materials.

The Number One Alternative to the Entrepreneurial Operating System®

AOS expands your resources for operational transformation. Book a call with Leadership Resources today to learn how AOS could supercharge your organizational success.

To learn more, please click below for an AOS whitepaper from Leadership Resources.

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