Introducing Accelerate.

Goal setting alone isn't enough.

Every organization sets goals. Are yours allowing your company to reach greater heights? Just setting goals isn’t enough. Without strategic insights into goal performance, you may be stuck facing these all too common issues:

Lack of internal alignment.

Falling short of critical goals and objectives.

Failure to building the habit that drive true success.

Lack of consistency.

Are your team members pulling in the same direction?

What if your employees’ goals aligned with the company’s strategic objectives? What if employees’ could strengthen the behaviors necessary to achieve those objectives?

How would that change your success?

  • Goal completion accelerates.
  • Leaders gain clarity.
  • Communication improves.
  • Employees understand their individual impact.

That allows you to track the behaviors and skills that truly make a difference. Real, meaningful, metrics that develop your team drive achievement.

Strengthen your team and accelerate leadership performance.

Make it easy to openly discuss goal progress and achieve goals faster – we simplify the ability to see team results all in one place.

Accelerate enables you to:

  • Ensure employee alignment through integration of your company’s top objectives.
  • Increase probability of goal achievement by leveraging our custom SMART goal wizard and proprietary algorithm.
  • Build effective habits by tracking and driving behaviors and attitudes linked to leadership, organizational and personal goals through daily check-ins, emails and text messages.
  • Keep goals top-of-mind by engaging mobile capabilities.

Drive behavior change through top-of-mind awareness.

The first cloud-based application of its kind, Accelerate is a powerful tool for executives, business owners and HR professionals to implement in their organizations to increase goal achievement and drive meaningful company success.

Join hundreds of leaders who have chosen Accelerate to:

  • Define organizational objectives.
  • Set goals to ensure alignment.
  • Create effective habits.
  • Identify growth opportunities.

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