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A Coach Can Supercharge Your Company’s Growth

By Dan Sedor 06/15/2020
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We’re at a critical turning point in our global economy. New forces are shaking up our world and most companies are being forced to change how they operate.

What if your company could continue to grow and thrive despite these challenging circumstances? What if it could emerge on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever?

How Business Coaches Help Growth

Business Coaches: The Ultimate Team Players

With the help of a business coach, a good company becomes a great company – no matter what’s happening in the world. That’s because a coach helps your employees stay flexible, introspective, and motivated, day after day.

A coach gives a giant dose of perspective when things feel overwhelming. They help people adapt to change and view it as an opportunity rather than a threat, reenergizing them to stay productive at work.

Jaye Stentz, a coach and leadership development specialist at Leadership Resources, explains that coaching provides an emotional outlet for employees who might not usually feel comfortable expressing themselves.

“We help them ‘peel back the layers of the onion,’ in coach terms,” Stentz explains. “It’s a metaphor for having a comfortable environment to sort of peel back those layers and get real – to be authentic about what’s difficult for you as an individual, in terms of change.”

Flexibility Fuels Growth

When a company’s employees are more open to the idea of change, they’re more open to other things that help a company succeed: teamwork, productivity, innovation, accountability. Suddenly, they’re devising new ways to burst through roadblocks that seemed impossible before.

Katie Maschmann, also a coach and leadership development specialist at Leadership Resources, says coaching helps people gain new insights and build flexibility in their thinking.

“We see the world not necessarily as it is, but as who we are,” Maschmann says. “A coach can help an individual see the world and situations from different perspectives and help them better identify issues that might have been hard to see from their perspective.”

How to Learn More About Coaching

Stentz, Maschmann, and other Leadership Resources experts share key insights about business coaching in our new whitepaper, 7 Ways a Coach Helps You Grow Your Company and Win. In the whitepaper, you’ll learn about the power of coaching and how it addresses the human side of business growth.

Explore topics like:

  • How a coach calls a timeout and huddles with your employees
  • Why coaching is important during and after a pandemic
  • Coaching ourselves, then coaching others
  • The importance of accountability
  • Boosting sales and profitability
  • Improving recruitment through coaching
  • Common red flags and coaching tips

Download the Whitepaper: 7 Ways a Coach Helps You Grow Your Company and Win

For more information about business coaches and helping your employees succeed, connect with Leadership Resources. We provide coaching, strategic planning, EOS® implementation, leadership development, and proprietary technology called Accelerate. With our help, your company can achieve its larger vision.

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