Trey Pittenger, Pittenger & Anderson, Inc.

While attending college at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Trey Pittenger served as an intern for Pittenger & Anderson. After graduation in 2002, Trey’s career path took him to the Private Client Services division of Wells Fargo Bank where he was responsible for lending, cash management, investment analysis, and marketing.

In 2006, Trey had the opportunity to rejoin the Pittenger & Anderson team as an Investment Officer. At P&A, Trey is responsible for marketing, business development, client management, trading, research, and serving on the investment committee. In both his career and personal life, Trey is an avid competitor, always up for a challenge. This Lincoln native revels competing in golf, basketball, and sand volleyball. Though he has an outstanding drive to succeed, he looked to Leadership Resources to further refine his skills.

Early in his career, Trey found himself struggling with time management and goal setting, specifically — blocking time and visualizing results. In both his past and current positions in the financial industry, he needs to set specific work related goals. Many time his goals are quite lofty and he benefits from proven procedures to effectively track his success. Teaming up with Leadership Resources and the Effective Personal Productivity development process, Trey sought the implementation of an action plan that could improve his life, both professionally and personally.

The Leadership Resources EPP process was the spark that lit the fire for Trey Pittenger.The duo hit it big, and Trey put up more than 25 listed accomplishments in his first 8 weeks with Leadership Resources! By establishing baseline data in all areas of life to measure his progress, this game plan balanced Trey’s roles as a healthy employee and devoted family man, while he continued…click on the link below to download the rest of this case study.

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