Steve Maly, Maly Marketing

Maly Marketing is a small marketing firm assisting clients with marketing, advertising, PR and communication needs. Steve Maly, entrepreneur extraordinaire and owner of Maly Marketing is passionate about helping small businesses spread their message and love in the marketplace.

Prior to working with Leadership Resources, Steve had difficulty focusing his energy on one thing at a time. He had a vested interest in a couple other local organizations and was helping them reach their goals by devoting his time and utilizing his different skill sets. According to Steve, “There were many times during the day I was working on four or five projects at once and not really making headway on any of them!”

Another obstacle for Steve was strategic, focused growth for his company. He often found himself consumed by projects, leading to a loss of focus, even questioning why he was in business in the first place. It was difficult to devote time to the work needed to grow the business as well as the day to day revenue producing activities.He happened to be voicing these frustrations to a friend one day, and she told Steve that Leadership Resources had helped her with a similar situation in her own business. Steve became intrigued, and after further discussing his business goals with a representative from Leadership Resources, he decided to engage in the Effective Personal Productivity (EPP) Process.

The EPP process was overwhelming at first, but in a good way. Steve told his coach…click on the link below to download the rest of this case study.

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