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Denise Mainquist is the founder and Managing Director of ITPAC Consulting, an independent consulting firm, providing practical advice and solutions related to IT Project Management, Audits and Controls. She has been participating in the Natural Selling Process (NSP) for the last 12 months.

Though she has a few years under her belt in the development of her small consulting firm, Denise had never been in a sales role in her career. In talking with a Leadership Resources associate, she thought it would be helpful to look into some personal sales development.

“I liked the Leadership Resources program approach and the idea of having a coach to keep me accountable.”

Prior to NSP, Denise knew she lacked the confidence needed to succeed. In fear of scaring off potential clients, she was hesitant to cold call prospects or do anything that might label her as a “pesky salesperson”. However, once enrolled in the Natural Selling Process, Denise became more comfortable with the sales process – even her attitude regarding cold calling changed!

“I now see cold calls as a great way to maximize my productivity by using those few minutes I have available between tasks,” she explained.

Whether she’s tracking cold calls or other activities related to sales, she is now staying focused on her pipeline at all times. It is a challenge to both sell and service client accounts – since she does both, she makes a concentrated effort to keep the sales engine going.

“When I have a free day, or half day, or even an hour, I simply block time on my calendar and make the calls I know I need to make.”

Denise is excited to talk about the changes she’s seen in her business.

“The biggest change I saw was that I was comfortable talking about my services and could tell that my story resonated with people. It took a bit longer to start seeing the results I was after, but seeing progress along the way – that slight edge – kept me going.”

Increased comfort level and increased confidence are simply two of the intangible results Denise has experienced in the process. As for tangible results, she’s experiencing those as well.

“I’ve averaged two new clients per month for the past six month. My sales activity regarding communications, emails and phone calls to and from prospective clients has increased more than 10 fold since I’ve been in the NSP process.”

These habits and changes in attitude lead to the ultimate result of any business owner. . . Denise is consistently hitting her revenue goals. She is excited about how Leadership Resources and the NSP process has helped her reach her goals in her business.

“At Leadership Resources, they focus on the process and developing habits that are sustainable, not just giving some ‘sure-fire tips’ to being successful. It’s hard work and requires consistency –and practice. It helps to have someone to keep you accountable and focused.”

When looking ahead, Denise is quick to align herself to reality. As an owner in the early years of her business, she admits that every day is a new day and the potential for a roller coaster experience still exists. However, she maintains a positive outlook and a sense of humor.

“As funny as it may sound, my clients already call me the ‘not scary’ auditor,” Denise says with a smile. “What’s my goal moving forward? Well, I intend to be the premier ‘not scary’ auditor for Nebraska’s Community and Hospitals and Community Banks.”

The Natural Selling Process helped her increase her comfort level in sales and create win-win relationships with her clients. It’s no doubt she is the “not-scary” IT auditor who will continue to experience success for many years to come.

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