Center for Spine and Sport Rehab

Center for Spine and Sport Rehab

Jeremiah Jorgensen is the owner of the Center for Spine and Sport Rehab. Jeremiah’s wife, Kari, is also a physical therapist and together they are passionate about quality care for their patients. Though they have an abundance of skills and training in manual physical therapy and rehabilitation, they realized that providing quality patient care was quite simple. Their new challenge was running a successful business that provided quality patient care.

In order to grow his business, Jeremiah had attended industry conferences designed to teach physical therapy professionals the basics about running a successful PT business. These conferences were generally very time consuming and expensive to attend. What was even more frustrating, however, was that upon returning home from these conferences, Jeremiah felt he had little to no valuable and ethical changes to implement into his business, leaving him void of any tangible results.

He voiced this concern to one of his patients, and she, having had that same feeling before, suggested he visit with a representative from Leadership Resources, a local strategic organizational development firm. Jeremiah was intrigued by the face to face consultative nature of Leadership Resources and was drawn to what he called the “prestige factor,” meaning Jeremiah knew of other well respected individuals who had a history of working with Leadership Resources and experiencing high levels of success. Rather than continuing to live in his state of frustration…click on the link below to download the rest of this case study.

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