Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

Matthew Pleggenkuhle has been a compliance manager with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska for a number of years. He is dedicated to his team members and strives to be an effective manager that creates an atmosphere of growth and development for his people.

As a manager, he was successful in his position, but knew that he could improve upon certain habits and behaviors in order to become more effective with his team. Several years ago, Matthew had the opportunity to engage in organizational management training, and although it was helpful, the lack of accountability and implementation did not bring about the level of results he had hoped for. He was doing well, but really wanted to move above and beyond. His management style was based upon long-term planning and daily management. It wasn’t until he was introduced to Leadership Resources and the Effective Supervisory Management Process that he began to discover processes and accountability that challenged him to change his behaviors and move him closer to the level of success he desired…click on the link below to download the rest of this case study.

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