Leadership Development – OMAHA, NE

Whether in Omaha, Nebraska, or anywhere else, a business’ success is directly related to its strength of leadership. The best leaders establish and maintain high-performance standards, cultivate meaningful relationships, advance accountability, and unify teams around a precise vision. The question remains, though: where do these leaders come from? In truth, honing one’s leadership skills is an ongoing process, forged by education and experience. At Leadership Resources, our rigorous leadership development program helps individuals first learn how to lead themselves so they can go on to better lead their teams and elevate further leadership potential within their organization.

Accelerate Leadership Program

Our primary leadership development curriculum, the Accelerate Leadership Program includes coaching, assessments, accountability software, and courses, as well as numerous tips and tools to help participants along the way. This powerful program is facilitated by utilizing interactive group features, including peer interaction with participants from other organizations, enabling participants to learn and grow with the help of their peers. One-on-one coaching is also included in this program. Participants can utilize Accelerate both in-person and virtually. Individuals enrolled in this program will learn and develop habits regarding:

  • How to build leadership skills
  • Ways to focus on the organizational culture and direction
  • How to increase confidence, direction, and process ownership
  • How to maximize time management skills
  • Proven strategies for leading staff
  • How to get real results that are visible in your company’s bottom line

As mentioned earlier, leadership growth is a continuous process. Leaders who embark on this developmental journey will leverage its benefits for a lifetime. The Accelerate Leadership Program is for enthusiastic, passionate individuals at all levels who seek to grow within their roles and beyond, including:

  • People who are in new leadership roles
  • Those who are preparing to move into leadership roles
  • New employees with a strong cultural fit
  • Employees with a bold personal desire for leadership
  • Leaders with an increasing span of influence or high impact
  • Established leaders wishing to expand their abilities, refresh their skills, or have the benefit of peer-to-peer interaction and coaching.

Additional Leadership Development Offerings

In addition to our Accelerate Leadership Program, Leadership Resources also offers more specific and personalized development programs in Omaha, NE, including executive coaching services and custom leadership development. Our executive coaching services are designed to offer business leaders what they desire in life and to help their organization achieve its vision. The customized leadership development programs we offer are designed for an organization’s unique needs, goals, and challenges.

At Leadership Resources, we believe the benefits of leadership development cannot be overstated, which is why we’re proud to help individuals and organizations become more adaptable, resilient, and confident, transforming their company culture, expanding personal skills, and increasing productivity.