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Do This, Not That – Suggestions for Effective Networking

By Boyd Ober 09/13/2010

On Friday, September 10th, Leadership Resources was excited to host a roomful of clients and guests for the monthly 3% club. At this particular session, we discussed tips for effective networking, online and offline. During this session, each group came up with 3 tips to DO when networking, and 3 tips NOT to do when networking.

All of the tips were posted to the wall for people to observe and discuss. They have also been compiled and pasted below for the world to sit up and take notice.

Thanks again for all who joined us and for making this a terrific session! Feel free to pass this link onto others.

Networking Do’s and Dont’s

  • Share meaningful information.
  • Build a relationship.
  • Sell yourself and not your product.
  • Be honest.
  • Keep it professional.
  • Share things of relevance.
  • Network with a purpose.
  • Be intentional…have a plan.
  • Be an interesting person.
  • Be genuine and network in things that you’re interested in.
  • Ask permission to use someone’s name as a referral.
  • After meeting someone and identifying a mutually beneficial
  • relationship, connect on LinkedIn.
  • Be selective.
  • Follow up.
  • Do have an elevator speech ready to market yourself.

Unlock The Leadership Potential Within Your Organization. Download this whitepaper.DON’T:

  • Don’t post inappropriate material/information.
  • Don’t abuse the system.
  • Don’t hog the newsfeed.
  • Don’t talk about yourself all the time.
  • Don’t use bad language, negativity.
  • Don’t overuse or underuse.
  • Don’t allow everyone – don’t accept every request.
  • Don’t share too much personal information with people you don’t know.
  • Don’t be negative with information you share.
  • Don’t falsely embellish your profile.
  • Don’t be one-dimensional (only focused on one thing).
  • Don’t be afraid to do something new.
  • Don’t do the “hand-a-card and run” when you meet someone.
  • Don’t bring up sensitive issues on first impressions.
  • Don’t post inappropriate information on Facebook.

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Pursuit of Success | 6:00pm Wednesdays | 1240AM KFOR

By Leadership Resources 08/09/2010

If we discovered a magic formula for success, there would be no need for self-help books or get rich quick seminars.

What we HAVE discovered through the launch of our new radio show called “Pursuit of Success”, is a variety of defining factors that have contributed to others’ levels of success.

On a weekly basis, we’re sitting down with regional entrepreneurs, business and community leaders, interviewing them and talking with them to share key ideas of success, designed to help you become more successful while making an impact in your company and community. Hosted by Boyd Ober, President of Leadership Resources, and John Oestreich, the show airs at 6:00 pm Wednesdays on 1240 AM KFOR. This show will provide you with ideas on how to motivate your team, track progress, lead courageously, and capitalize on key opportunities.

Unlock The Leadership Potential Within Your Organization. Download this whitepaper.Can’t listen on Wednesday evenings? Download the podcasts or listen anytime at www.ThePursuitOfSuccess.com. Past guests include:

  • Nick Bock, CEO of Five Nines Technology Group
  • Jay Wilkinson, CEO of Firespring
  • Steve Hilton, General Manager of Lincoln Embassy Suites
  • Aaron Davis, President of Aaron Davis Presentations
  • Mike Murman, Chairman and Founder of Pen-Link Ltd. and
  • Glacial Till Vineyard and Winery
  • Sara Boatman, Ph.D. Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Paul Arhendt, entrepreneur and Owner of Total Tool
  • Joe Hampton, leader of Hampton Enterprises
  • Hank Orme, President of Lincoln Industries
  • Lyn Wineman, WIneman Communications

Visit the Pursuit of Success website and listen to podcasts and learn about these leaders and their journey of success!

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Summary – 10 Ways to Get More Done in a Day

By Boyd Ober 07/25/2010
Leadership resources: three percent club meeting

Leadership Resources facilitator Patty Marmie led the 3% Club luncheon Friday, July 9 on the topic of “10 Ways to Get More Done in a Day.” The luncheon focused on how to invest time wisely instead of wasting it on trivial tasks throughout the day.

Everyone knows the cliché how-to tips on learning to manage time. Time management skills are preached in every industry and type of business, yet the phrase is actually impossible to carry out. No one can physically manage time, because there are always going to be only 24 hours in a day. Stop looking at your schedule from this perspective and you will take ownership of your own time.

Unlock The Leadership Potential Within Your Organization. Download this whitepaper.A more effective way to frame the issue is to think of it as investing in your own time. When you make a personal investment with the tasks you have before you, you’ll be more productive and…to read the full story, download the article below.

July 3% Club: 10 Ways to Get More Done in a Day

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2010 Lincoln AMA Marketer of the Year Ali Schwanke

By Boyd Ober 07/15/2010
Leadership resources Ali Schwanke Marketer of the Year

The Lincoln American Marketing Association named Ali Schwanke Marketer of the Year at the organization’s annual Prism Awards. The Marketer of the Year award is given to an individual that embraces and practices marketing excellence, and supports the marketing field.

Schwanke is the Marketing Manager for Leadership Resources. In 2009, she led the efforts to establish a comprehensive marketing program on a restricted budget to further Leadership Resources’ branding and communication within the communities they serve. Her efforts were particularly significant in the creation of the Natural Selling Process development program and the implementation and strategy for a new customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Schwanke is also active in the community, serving on the executive council for Lincoln’s Young Professionals Group, programming committee for New Covenant Community Church, and the planning team for the first Ignite Lincoln event. In addition, Schwanke was recently elected to the 2010 Lincoln AMA Board of Directors.

Unlock The Leadership Potential Within Your Organization. Download this whitepaper.Owner and president of Leadership Resources, Boyd Ober, said, “Marketing for Ali is about the results it drives rather than just the pride of creating, which is a business owner’s best match.”

Ober said Schwanke also makes it a priority to continuously educate herself on the emerging technologies and innovative strategies to remain current in her marketing approach.

Leadership Resources is committed to delivering results through organizational development and accountability. Using a variety of leadership tools and materials, coupled with on-going support and coaching, they help executives, frontline leaders, individual contributors, and entrepreneurs achieve higher levels of success related to personal and organizational goals. To learn more, visit www.LRsuccess.comor call (402) 423-5152.

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