Matt believes that people support what they help create. He believes whole-heartedly that organizations which place people as their central focus outperform their peers, have lower turnover rates and are far more profitable as a result. Organizational Culture is important but often misused because the people who drive and support the culture are often not the focus. To build strong company cultures, we must build strong individuals and comprise our teams of them. Leaders at every level of an organization who are focusing on building strong, individual leaders to drive teams, create resonate leadership across all organizational levels. To turn these efforts into meaningful actions, we must coach our teammates to be the best version of themselves.

Matt has spent over 20 years in the financial and banking sectors teaching continuing education to both National and Nebraska Associations, along with the American Optometric Association et al. Matt has experience consulting in a plethora of medical fields and entrepreneurial start-ups. He has started, ran and grown several business ventures of his own. He has coached, designed and taught financial literacy programs, online learning platforms, as well as organizational development programs.

Matt holds dual Bachelor Degrees in Human Relations and Organizational Communications, in addition to an MBA in Business Management and Leadership from Doane University. While attending Doane, he was elected as the Doane Alumni Senior of the Year in 2012 and was inducted to the National Honor Society. In his spare time, Matt enjoys time with his wife and daughter Mattie. He is passionate about the outdoors including: hunting, long distance endurance cycling, skiing and backpacking.

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