Celebration of Success Speed Leader Handouts


At Celebration of Success 2015, regional and community leaders facilitated rich, interactive leadership talks on the unique way they continue to reach success. Find information on each Speed Leader and their topical handouts below.

  • Adi Kunalic

Chief Operating Officer – opendorse

Visualizing Your Proven Process

Every business has a proven way it provides value to its customers. Learn how to capture your own proven process visually and use it as a sales tool to retain customers and drive repeat business.

Adi Kunalic Handout

  • Rebecca Hauff

Vice President of Sales and Marketing – Warren Window & Supply, Rapid City, SD

Goals and Accomplishments

Rebecca walks through best practices for coaching employees to effectively set and execute weekly performance goals.

Rebecca Hauff Handout

  • Scott Lockard

President – Hampton Commercial Construction


Scott speaks about differing values and expectations in a multi-generational workforce. Being proactive in understanding these expectations can provide a better working environment for all employees and managers.

Scott Lockard Handout

  • Joel Friesen

Vice President – Five Nines Technology Group

Taking Personal Responsibility

Joel shares practical tips for how to prepare yourself for your next level of responsibility in any industry.

Joel Friesen Handout

  • James Mowitz

Commercial Loan Officer – Pinnacle Bank

Effective Selling Techniques

James unveils a team’s sales approach by identifying best practices for leveraging the team’s talents and network.

James Mowitz Handout

  • Connie Soucie

Vice President, Talent, Culture, & Human Resources – University of Nebraska Foundation


Connie explains reflection is not just the mirror any more. It’s an after action review, a pondering of what happened and how it could be changed, the basis of feedback to others. It is musing about your future, and most importantly, it is ensuring that your values and your actions are in sync. In this session, Connie will address several questions that take you beyond “mirror mirror on the wall” to embracing reflection as a leadership tool for both business and personal fulfillment.

Connie Soucie Handout

  • Scott Ash

Director of Operations – Nebraska Sports Council

Organizing a Team Project

Dave draws from experience with the State Games of America to show how to organize a team to execute and complete a huge project successfully.

Scott Ash Handout

  • Liz Hall

Executive Director, Training and Development – C & A Industries

Winning Teams

Liz reveals the seven Cs to building a winning team and the two big Cs that drive the process.

Liz Hall Handout

  • Steve Dickey

President – Dickey Hinds Muir, Incorporate

Owner Transition and Succession Planning

Steve outlines a plan for streamlining and strategizing the ownership transition process and guarantee future stability of the company.

Steve Dickey Handout

  • Lisa Pelto

President – Concierge Marketing Publishing

Can a Book Change the World?

Lisa explains that sharing your ideas through a book is easier than ever before. Come learn about the publishing industry, the process of writing, the business end of books, and more.

Lisa’s Handout is coming soon!

  • Mark Balschweid, Ph.D.

Professor and Head, Department of ALEC – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Understanding Emotions to Lead

Mark illustrates how emotions can be powerful forces that influence leaders and impact their decision-making ability. This session will highlight how understanding emotional intelligence can raise awareness of emotions and help leaders direct those emotions for positive results with others in the organization.
Mark Balschweid Handout

  • Sharon Fenn

Legal Administrator – Baylor, Evnen, Curtiss, Grimit, &Witt, LLP

Handling Team Conflict: Focusing on the Problem, Not the Person

Sharon unpacks the steps involved in breaking down conflict, developing process, and dealing with cultural change.

Sharon Fenn Handout 1

Sharon Fenn Handout 2

  • Vanessa Seifert, Ph.D.

Leadership Coach – Leadership Resources

Creating Life Margin

Vanessa discusses how driven, successful people tend to fill up every available moment. Creating margin will allow leaders to breathe, grow, and make time for the unexpected.

Vanessa Seifert Handout

  • Lynn Johnson

Parks and Recreation Director – Lincoln Parks and Recreation

Leadership in a Municipal Government Agency

Lynn discusses how leading a government agency involves customer service, cooperation and collaboration, and servant leadership.

Lynn Johnson Handout

  • Shane Ideus

Senior Vice President – UNICO Group

Achieving Balance in your Business and Professional Life and Succeeding in Both

Shane identifies some of the main themes he focuses on to not only achieve but succeed with balance.

Shane Ideus Handout

  • Katie Haszard

Director, Branded Products – Lincoln Industries

Family Businesses

A third generation family business partner herself, Katie reveals makers and breakers, advantages and disadvantages for a family business.

Katie Haszard Handout

  • Trent Fellers

Chairman – Lincoln City Council

Community Development

Trent discusses what community leaders can do to stay ahead of rapid technology changes in order to attract multiple generations that may have differing desires.

Trent Fellers Handout

  • Robb Linafelter

CEO – Lincoln Surgical Hospital

Success: Great. But Has Leadership Grown as Well?

Robb shares lessons learned from business successes achieved, while helping leadership follow the same trajectory.

Robb Linafelter Handout

  • Scott Carrico

Audit Partner & Partner in Marketing and Business Development – Lutz & Company, PC

How to Read Financial Statements and Key Metrics to Help You Manage

Scott helps managers and owners gain a better understanding of the data included in financial reports and how to analyze it.

Scott Carrico Handout

  • Mary Higgins

President – Marian High School

Making the Tough Decisions without Making Yourself Crazy

Mary shows how to make a definitive decision, when, no matter what you do, someone will be upset.

Mary Higgins Handout 1

Mary Higgins Handout 2

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